I cant make it up this time ….Wait for me Bangkok

Posted: August 5, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Its fresh Friday and I smile every now and then like a blooming flower. Reason is obvious tomorrow is holiday!!!

Loly and her office gang are going to Bangkok. She invited me but I am penniless. She told me that she will sponsor me the ticket but still I cant go. Too many reasons my account nil as usual, Hitler won’t allow his younger baby to travel around the world. Who will explain the oldie that I am big now and take care of myself???Making him understand is like waking up the sleeping tiger which is old but still got his furry.

I know Loly gonna have a blast like how Allan& his gang had fun in Bangkok in Hangover part II. Just wonder who will play Stuart’s role and **** the gal with a ****. Don’t ask me what the stars stand for. Just watch the movie and you will get what it means.

I know there’s no chance for Loly to get lost with her big butt, long legs and pretty face. But in case she gets lost I just have to say “Bangkok has her” and take a wine sip and cry. She is planning to take light luggage so that when she comes back she can get all fancy Bangkok stuff for her and obviously for me.

She is still in Bangalore dreaming all about Bangkok. Every day she calls me and tells me about her trip. Its like adding fuel to the fire. But I never discourage her. I just say “enjoy your bangkok airlines babes. I am destined to travel from Mangalore to Bangalore and vice versa in Sugama Travels. She giggles and tells “you forgot to mention about the bug bites”.

  1. loly says:

    hheeeyyyyyyyyy…. sureeellyyyy we shalll make it again… sayyy u n me 🙂


  2. Chandini says:

    Count me in. . . next time! 😉


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