Sun has risen but not my spirit

Posted: August 8, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Just wonder why Monday morning set rise is so boring and sad. Most of the people hate Monday. I just hate all days other than Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday’s feeling I celebrated with chick with smoky hot sizzlers and sub way. Both were mouth watering. Saturday chick had left for her bros place and me to Lolly’s place. There was a big surprise waiting for me there. The surprise really surprised me. Akshatha , gal from Lolys gang got committed to Martis, guy from Lolys gang. It’s love at first sight according to sources.

 All are happy for them even me. All were talking about them and suddenly eyes turned towards me with question mark. I asked what? They said babes you are elder in our gang and still single, Time to search a partner. Can’t understand why they have to poke me whenever they get a chance. Loly keep on poking me in Fb.Thats ok I can manage but this I can’t. I said “chillax, my time has not yet come”.  All are not lucky to get a good guy or gal. When I listen to worlds weird wedding stories I get scared. For my age sake I can’t risk my spinsterhood. I know time wont stop for me. It’s better to play safe games than take a risk. One day even I have to leave my safe ground and jump. Time will decide where ill land up. Now even I can’t say I am waiting for right person. My study says there is no right person. You just have to compromise for the wrong person to make her/him right person. Sounds really complicated.

Many people are waiting to see my better half.  They say the guy must be honored for marrying me. I just wonder whether people have to wait forever. I don’t know. It’s just a time dependent question and answer.

  1. loly says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 I CANT WAIT to see UR better half 🙂


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