Polishing My Nails OOPs SKILLS!!!!!!!

Posted: August 9, 2011 in My Silly thoughts


Tyro, gregarious, ominous… and few words I already forgot.  Those are the new words I learnt yesterday. People keep on saying I should polish my skills. So I have decided to use complicated or new words which I have to sit and Google and learn them. I know even reader have to polish his reading skills. If you want to curse then don’t curse me but curse those people who tortured me with “polish-your-skills” phrase. Very soon I will write English dictionary in my blog that’s for sure.

I know I do loads of mistakes while writing. Spelling mistake is my all time mistake. People do comment on it. Even though my dad used to give dictations and impositions to me I am still bad in spellings. Poor oldie wasted his energy on his baby doll. He used to beat me and teach. Only for my bros I never used to beat because they were stronger than me. I used to beat my sister and scratch her with my nails. Then she used to complain it to my dad and I used to run away from my Hitler dad. Poor my sis!!!!Many times I made her cry. I wanted to join to Karate. But my dad said no because he knew if I go to Karate classes his darling elder daughter will end up in crying every day. I should thank my bros for training me in that. They were my masters. Even though I used to end up in crying I never stopped fighting with them. That’s the reason I am being me makes guys to run away.

It’s very hard to find a sister like me .If you are sister less and feeling like having one I don’t mind having few more brothers who gift me all the time. Laptop, I-pod, Scotty pep……blab la. Think twice before saying yes to the question “Do you want Sylvia as your sister?”

  1. as usual funny.. “SISTER”


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