Posted: August 10, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Phlegmatic, quite difficult word.  Glanced at the word for more than 5 minutes and then slept. You see it’s a quite complicated word.
Today I was walking in the narrow lane where Yeddyurappa’s metro work still in progress. I was lost in my thoughts when speeding cars approaches me, suddenly 2 guys pop out their head and shout “HI”. I smiled to myself thinking guys are always guys. They always behave like they belong to some other planet when they see female species. One lady had worn tight fitting clothes. While she was walking on the road guy stood there watching her top to bottom. When she got into to bus he was still there admiring her butt. You just have to follow the eye direction. Some places it lingers more than a minute and places like face, hand only half second. The guy must be wondering how such a big butt fir in that extra small size. It’s complicated………….!!!

One day I was changing the channel when guy playing Krishna’s role caught my attention. He had once participated in Splits Villa, MTV reality show. May be director saw those dimple on his face and selected him for Krishna’s role. It’s so funny the guy who flirted with all gals now playing gods role. God save the poor viewers.

There is also Rakhi’s reality show in some channel. I just wonder audience come to watch the show or her deep neck line. I agree she hosts really well with her charm, smile and obvious above knee gowns and almost everything revealing neck lines. I just wonder how the participants are able to look into her eyes, especially guys.

May be flip talker like me will never able to host any show with decent clothes.  Simple sentence with new word. Time to polish your reading skills.  It’s darn difficult to polish skills. May be I should rest in peace with my skills as they are. Polishing skills is really complicated

  1. ” so funny the guy who flirted with all gals now playing gods role ”
    I liked it.. People just don’t know what they are doing.. Krishna’s role is not that easy.. Even Dr. Rajkumar himself has said this.


  2. Wilson Kinnigoli says:

    actually, that role suits him veena!!


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