Posted: August 11, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

IAS, it’s not Indian Administrative Services but it is I Am Sleepy. Too much of work makes me doze. My system is in passage so I can’t access FB but I can doze off with my hand on mouse.

 I work whole day. No time to peep into the near by cabin where dude sits. You see dedication to work one day gonna ruin me. I already got few tires around by belly. Only my meatless bone make me look like Sudan slave. May be I should write a program to direct all minerals to places where those are required and install in my body. Then may be whole thing (writing prg and installing) is called as SNL’s anatomy. Whatever.

I must say my TL got nice skin and pretty hair like Pomeranian puppy’s tail. Once even I had hair like that now its gone and looks like cows tail or dry grass. Other day PU was planning to set my hair on fire to see how it will burn. I told her to experiment on her hair first then on me. Poor PU she has very less hair so she gave up the experimenting idea. I do want to have a hair cut like Indira Gandhi but I know my dad doesn’t want his daughter to have same hair cut like him. You see my dad follows Don’t-copy-me policy.

Even though people copy my style, brands, dialogues I wont utter a word. Other day while talking chick said your puski (Konkani word, means fart). I was shocked to hear Konkani word from her mouth. I asked her “babes do you know the meaning?” .She smiles and said “No man. I used it because you use it very often”. I smiled myself. This is heights of copying me.

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