Babes Its GALS life style!!!!!!

Posted: August 12, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

When guys read about “Dude its guys lifestyle” in my blog they wanted one article on gal too. May be they wanted to see being a gal how I will write about my own species. Its darn difficult. Believe me!!!!

Gals mind is like breeze you never know when and which side it will blow. They are predictable most of the time unlike the guys who pee and fag all time.

Instead of peeing break they take powder-your-nose, Color-your-lips break. They are always patience and colorful that’s why guy love them

Some scholar had said “Never share a secret with women, they can’t keep it with them”. We all know how true it is.


Most of the gals wear comfortable clothes like jeans, salvar, kurtha…….there is long list. You will be bugged up.

Few gals do wear provoking clothes like deep neck line, low waste pant with short top , shoulderless, sleeveless, backless. In other words less should be added to all women’s wear. When guys see gals in such attire they just stare and stare .Sometimes wink and wink and they show the extraordinary goddess to their friend. They do want their friend to miss the view.

I won’t blame the guys. When gals exhibit guys just admire the exhibited things. Things like back, legs and hmmm I can’t tell more.

Gals do wear low waist jeans. But they never expose their undies waist band like guys. When they wear low waist jeans they take precaution and wear low waist undies. If you are a gentleman and you do not know the meaning of undies please don’t ask me.

Gals with good taste avoid bright colors but few never say no to bright pink, yellow, red.

Gals have one more things to captures guys heart and mind. Their long pretty hair. When the gals apply streaks to their hair they look like Malinga’s sisters.

Most of the gals are cleanliness’ freaks. They keep their things in order. If you visit my room you will faint seeing the order of my clothes and my things. You see all gals are not alike.

Gals love footwear. Short gals do wear pointed heals so that even they can get guys attention. Innocent guys will be cheated by smart gals.

The deo which gals spray all over them is mild like them.


Most of the time gals do things which need lots of patience. Things like filing nails, applying nail paints, combing hair 100 times per day (like chick), talk about handsome dude and finally gossip about other gals.

Gals love anything in pink. If god would have created the shit in pink color gals would have admired it.

Gals love it when decent guys stare at them when they walk on the road .It increases their self confidence. Gals love it when their bf comes to pick them in new car. Later she boasts all about the car with her friends. Poor driver oops her bf will be forgotten for the day.

Gals love to shop when their bfs are there to carry their bag all around. Whenever I see this scenario in the mall I pity the bf. Its also true guys do all this slave work because when their so called gf wears shoulder less top they will get a chance to keep their hand on it. You definitely can’t call it love. It’s just a master-slave relationship where master dominates over her slave and slave enjoys his pleasure. I do agree there are few couples who love, respect, trust each other. I always admire such couple.

Some gals are choosy. They go to 10 shops and ask the price of all things which catch their attention but they never purchase it until and unless her soul is happy with the things. I know most of you will be thinking about your gf and her drama. Dude that’s our birth right please cooperate.

When gals break up with their bf they curse the guy, they talk bad about him, they point out all bad things about guys’ .Some time face to face and some time behind guys back. Heartbroken gals return the cheap gifts given by their bf. They know the value of branded stuff so they don’t throw them instead they still use them till the end. I don’t have much idea about it because so far no love so no break ups. Unfortunately even my friends didn’t break up so totally nil knowledge.

There lot more to write about gals. Their dangling earrings, their long eyelashes, their colored eyes(liner ,shadow), their red lip glows, their pink blush,……bla bla makes guys lose their mind, heart body and soul for her. Dude walet too!.

Some gals are really good and some are really bad. Gal with good heart and good character is never won by ordinary man. Guys you have to be extraordinary!!!!!

  1. vandy says:

    No one can beat this writing baby!Too good!


  2. Basant says:

    Nice Sylvia…!! Must say you have got best writing skills…


  3. shilpa says:

    too good babes…


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