Busy Busy…….Yeah I am Busy

Posted: August 18, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

After many days I got some time to scribble something on my blog. You see damn busy these days,No time to scratch my butt!!! Yesterday my bro-in-law alias Jiju was asking about my latest article. I said “from 5 days I hardly have time to fart and you ask about my article?”

My cousin left for US for higher studies. Poor fella finding difficult to adjust to US heat. Other day he called me and he was updating me about US weather meanwhile I was updating him about Indias weather. He asked me about my blog. I said my blog is doing fine. He asked me “still you write everyday”? I said “yeah, But why you ask?” He chuckled and said “ aree man just tell the readers to click on Like button so that you will know how many of them read. Don’t simply blog”. I was dumbfounded!!! He was telling the truth.  But you see blogging became a habit.

Hard work will help you to put on weight nothing else. Appraisal will never depend on your hard work but it depends on how well you butter your manager. Other day my manager called me for 1-t0-1 meeting. All he said was that I am not focused and I am not proactive, some similar word he used.  I thought he gonna point out FB but he didn’t. At end of the conversation he said “are you getting where I am coming from?” I said “what?” He repeated his dialogue. I said “yes?” Even though I used to giggle to his dialogue, this time I didn’t.

Now I am thinking IT life needs lots of patience and loads of exercise. Else the day is no far when you will lie in coffin with lots of fat and bullet mark on your head. Obviously you will be killed by your manager. May all IT peoples leaving soul rest in peace!!!!!

  1. vandy says:

    Very very nice article baby!


  2. shilpa says:

    Finally syl did u get where he was coming from…?? Good one SNL


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