Follow your DREAM

Posted: August 19, 2011 in My Silly thoughts


Long weekend ahead and all I could feel is sleepy. This is what happens when holidays are at the month end and no free vehicle to roam.

I am learning so called Bangalore-Living Rules. It’s still hard to be a Banglorean. Yesterday when I left from office my bus was passing in front of my office. I didn’t want to show my company people that I am Tarzan but I didn’t have any other option. Even though there was no bus stop I was running to catch the bus. When I thought I am almost there the driver increased the speed. I started running and banged the door. To my wonder bus stopped. One jump and I was in. I didn’t know how many watched me doing this drama. As soon as I got into bus I smiled and told the driver “Thank you sir”. To my surprise Driver said “You don’t have sense, wherever you guys want bang the door and stop the bus.”  I continued smiling and ignored the exception. I was smiling to myself. That was something weirdest thing I did after joining the corporate world.

I don’t want to think about the week ahead. Developers have done their work and I have to start testing. According to my 7th sense, which glows once in a while those developers are darn good. Testing their code gonna get the worms out of me. Don’t ask me through which worms gonna come. I am hoping for the best and I crossed my fingers. If I fail to meet their expectation then along with their code deployment they will release me. This is how it happens in IT field. Now I feel house wife post is quite cool. Morning cook, kick out husband, watch TV, cook in the evening welcome back your husband in your wide open arms. In between gossip about zero figure neighbor chick with hippopotamus one more neighbor aunty.     

If I knew my life gonna be this way I never would have dreamt of getting my MCA degree in first shot. The programs I copied, I assignment I wrote, the lecturers I cursed, the money I spent, the exams I passed are waste. If you wanna be successful just follow your dream. If your dream is follow neighbor uncle’s daughter/son, then make sure that every day you follow.  I did have a dream to settle down in Cape Town. In the cozy cozy weather sitting in the corridor drinking my watermelon juice while my one year old RUM(DOG) wags his tail and sits near my feet. My dream is quite small but quite costly one. With my present salary I can go only to Kinnigoli and come back.

Whatever it is guys live your life enjoy your work. But do follow your dream. Because you never know which uncles which daughter/son will make your dream come true.

  1. Wilson Kinnigoli says:

    good one….. u have a unique style of writing.. i think u hav to write more. i mean other than writing only in blog.


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