Posted: August 23, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Krishna celebrated his bday on Sunday. But only my company, for which I work, extended the celebrations till Monday and gave off to his hardworking employees. That was Krishna’s miracle. Now don’t ask me who Krishna is. Between yesterday my brother also celebrated his bday. He didn’t gift me anything on my bday but I will not follow his steengy policy. I am planning gift him a snake wrapped in a gift box. Obviously not poisonous snake because he does drop me in his car. As soon as he opens the box it will bite him and I know what will happen after that. He will be chasing me and I will be running for my life.

While my friends were working I was watching “Enchanted” in HBO for the fourth time. It’s kinda of fairy tale with “happily ever after” ending, which guys never gonna like it. Guys do love movies in which hero in his latest formal fights with the bad guys (Transporter) or movie in which slaughtering human being is a game(Death race).  

The other day I and chick had been to food court to have our lunch. Every time I cant have food cooked by me and chick. Come on even we need a change. We had sexy chicken tikka in subway and sprite. Counter boy was a Manipuri guy. He was staring at me and I was at him. Even though he was just a boy I was staring at his fair skin. This is what happens if you watch lots of Korean drama. All thanks to my cousin who downloads the dramas for me. Seeing the side effect he might stop sending me those dramas. When we were returning 2 guys approached us and said “Hi gals”. We just ignored the strangers. Chick was busy on the call but I couldn’t miss that strangers red cap and white shining teeth on black face.  Yak.

If you are single you can watch different birds/hawks. But if you are married you can’t divert your concentration from the bird/hawk which belonged to you. Whatever guys it’s a chilly day with no rain to disturb. Enjoy bird/hawk watching. Don’t try to find the link between the topics. You will never able to find. Because even I was never able to find the link. Too much of work affects the brain and it stops its usual functions.

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