POOR me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: August 24, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Loly is all set to see Bangkok with her office gang. One of her colleague named AGA, don’t mistake him to be a gal like I always do is going to UK. His sweet sister sent him VISA. And my brother can’t even sponsor me SUGAMA tickets to visit My Kinnigoli. Fortunately Kinnigoli is in India and inside Karnataka and inside Mangalore.  If my brother reads my blog he might take me with him when he sails next time and gift me to Somali Pirates. Poor me!!!!

Some time my bro acts like a sweet pumpkin. When he comes from ship he gets me Ferrero Rocher. Those days I will be sleeping near the fridge. When he sees the empty box and question me I just point at my mom, dad and say “even they had it”. That time my bro turns towards my mom and she says “ Voi re, Hawen kheli.(Konkani-“Yes man even I had”). He will be unaware that ill bribe my parents before eating chocolates.

When I was small my both brothers used to irritate me. I loved them both. They used to beat me and train me to fight and I used to experiment on my poor sister. Let me mention their names. My sissy EML, my brothers MEL and AWL. All short cuts easy to remember. My elder bro used to call me Bammuchi. I don’t  know the meaning but I loved it whenever he called me. Everyone expects the last one to be spoilt one. In my case it was all wrong. Even though I am the last one but I am such a sweety pie, you all know that. As time passed I became expert in beating my sister and brothers. Somewhere in the middle while I was growing MEL left us all went to meet my best friend Jesus. He was smooth talker. I wouldn’t surprise If he and Jesus both went for a ride in Jesus’s brand new bike or huge bird like AVTAR movie.

Now the count decresed to 3. “EML got married to VB” , “AWL got married to RML and they have Baby AL”. But look at me…still SNL is single. I just wonder whether anybody will fill the blank space of “SNL got married to____ “ Or SNL remained single forever???. I don’t know. Sometimes I think I can be a nun but Raks , Deeks, Shenoy, Chick, Anil and AVL(my dad) says I can’t be nun. AVL says “If you join convent then you will jump their high wall and come back very next day”. My popsi knows me. My Popsi wife alias my momsi is FL, cool lady with high volt loud speakers. When she opens her mouth ear drums vibrates for a while to adjust. There is my aunt WL, retired teacher. I feel sad because AVL, FL and WL all are getting old. My old lion already lost most of his teeth. He takes ages to eat one snicker’s.

This was a small introduction to my fly. Search is going on for LOBO’s youngest son-in-law. Very soon ill loose the freedom to fly high. Poor SNL baby!!!!

  1. Wilson Kinnigoli says:

    nice write up veena… n ya, about beating, no comments!! (our high school days). u mentioned all the members of ur family… volla (AWL) will be happy reading this… n abt finding the youngest son-in-law, i wish their search ends soon… all the very best … tata, bye bye from single group!!


  2. Deekshith Shetty says:

    SNL Still single !!!!!!!!!!1


  3. Agacy says:

    ve u got ur Sugama tkt , 🙂
    btw nice writtng


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