Posted: August 26, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Every day reading same kinda story puts everyone to sleep. I thought I should do something for readers who read my blog in spite of their busy schedule.

Hold your breath but don’t die, Keep your eyes open sweetie pie, Here I come with a lucky draw game of my.

First let me tell you the Hidden treasure (Prize) for all age group

Third prize: Free tour to Our jungle with AVL(my dad)

Second prize: Ice-Cream with Chick (Ching Shruthi)

First prize: Sub-way with SNL

For lucky female:  Free ride on Electronic city flyover with Kukku alias Rakshith. As Shenoy’s scooty is small and deek’s bike is spoilt they lost the chance.

For lucky male: Ride in rick with chick and SNL, Who will get chance to sit in middle

Rules for the winners:

  1. Should be well dressed as AVL doesn’t like exposing clothes. This is applicable for guys/gals.
  2. Should not ask phone no. and too many questions to Chick. She doesn’t like to be disturbed while eating Ice-cream.
  3. SNL hate over smart guys/gals. So be just what you are.
  4. Lucky female should not divert rider’s concentration with their silly chit-chat. They also have to pay toll gate amount which will be Rs. 15.
  5. Lucky male should be well mannered. SNL and Chick both don’t like indecent guys. Guy have to pay charge if it crosses the min. charge.
  6. Judges decision will not be questioned.
  7. Results will be announced on 8th September.
  8. All the winners will get a surprise gift.


How to register yourself:

It’s very simple. In the comment section enter your full name and location. I know most of the contestants want to win the second prize. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hurry up and make use of the chance. All the very best.


  1. Harsha Aithal
    Location: wherever you call (more details on FB)
    and would like to win the first prize though.. If were given an option..


  2. rakshith says:

    Rakshith NT
    Location Bangalore


  3. nischith
    location bangalore


  4. valerian barboza says:

    valerian Barboza
    Riyadh KSA


  5. Chandini says:

    Chand. . .


  6. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Snl location Bangalore !!! Is fine where exactly


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