I Need a Break…….

Posted: August 29, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

During recession IT employees are doomed. In reality all fresher’s until they get experience are doomed.

Man how the TL talk to fresher’s and treat them is really pathetic. I was there witnessing the incident. TL was blasting at fresher and he was like a dumb cow listening. I was shocked to see the guy’s patience. Lady didn’t know the meaning of manners, poor thing. Even I can’t say I am safe, anything can happen. Its It world baby any time they you will be screwed. Other day dad was asked me “Hope your work is fine”. I didn’t utter a word. I just said in my mind “You never know dad when your younger daughter will help you in your daily chores”. I did not want him to worry about it.

My cousin who is residing in Singapore is inviting me to Singapore. He is unaware of the fact that to go to Kinnigoli I have to plan 1 month advance and if I have to go to Singapore I have to plan 1 year advance.

The company for which I am working got new CEO. I don’t know his name. You see there is no space in my database to add new table with column CEO_NAME, AGE, STATUS and finally SALARY. My PM said he is quiet experienced and bla bla and bla bla. When he was talking about his degree which he got it from US I was calculating his salary. My PM also said he is really hard working guy. I prayed to god “Please enlighten this guy god, let him increase my salary package”.  

Today Same CEO guy gonna address all of his employees. It was compulsory thing but as usual I didn’t want to doze in auditorium so i am in office working hard for my company’s and my growth. But problem is Company’s profit chart goes increasing while my profit chart remains the same.  I just wonder why???

I am really stressed out. I need a break. Hawaii sounds really cool but due to my budget its looks unrealistic. Caribbean sounds extra cool but again it looks unrealistic. Finally I compromised and consoled myself and booked Kinnigoli’s ticket in Sugama. Which is realistic and yeah its in my budget. Finally!!!!!!

  1. yeah.. Kinnigoli sounds like a better option :p


  2. shilpa says:

    anytime, Everytime Kinni awaits u babes..


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