Have A Blast:)

Posted: August 30, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I was working working and working, continuously I was working without break .While all are packing their bags to go home I am sitting with head ache and working. Gosh!!What a pathetic life I am living.

I just wonder sometimes, why every time I get a cabin in passage where all cats and dogs can see what I doing. Oh God where are you??Are you seeing this injustice and laughing at me??? Some wise guy had said “Wall have ear” but in my working environment I can say “Every flies have eyes”. Don’t ask me the meaning. If your are wise you will understand whom I am pointing. When CPU heats up it needs cooler but when my heads heat up due to the heat generated because of the continues work wonder what will help me to cool me down.

All Islam people “Happy Eid” and all Hindu folks “Happy Ganesh’s Bday”. I do love biryanis specially prepared during Eid. I also love sweets. So don’t forget me. You can send me biryani and sweets to my pg. But should be careful as my owner is vegetarian he can smell chicken from far away. Wonder how he cleans his nose. Other day he had entered our room asking whether we are preparing egg as he got some weird smell. I wanted show my bones and scream “Look looser I am suffering from malnutrition and you are talking about egg. Once even you try and you will never complain about it”.

Loly is back from Bangkok. I am all set to peep in to her bag to see all fancy stuffs she got. My spy PU said that she bought all fancy g-stuff. Guys please don’t ask me what .Have a blast, hope even ill have a blast. Safe journey those are going home. Have fun. TATA(Bye)

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