I Dont Wanna Be With Them

Posted: September 8, 2011 in POEM

Its really hard to satisfy

Somebody like PM, TL with your hard work

They expect more than what you give

Just wonder what these freaks think of themselves

They give few K’s

And act like they are our masters and we their slaves

They suck our blood worst than vampires

during appraisal they say “Focus, Proactive, Enthusiastic”

And you God sit and watch this injustice

Its time you open your eyes and punish them

When they go to pee they peep into our system

I am fed up of this life

I just wonder when ill be somebody like them

And start torturing my team members

And finally when I die

I will rot in hell with my PM, TL

And there again they start their cheap tricks

Please god do have some cool sector in hell

I cant waste my life after death with same freaks

  1. vimax says:

    Bravo, your opinion is useful


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