I Never thought LIFE would be like this……:(

Posted: September 8, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Last few days I was darn busy. You wont believe if I say I didn’t have time to scratch my ass. Sounds really sad and boring. I am sure if I slog my ass like this one day my neuron will stop working and I will be like useless CPU.  Even chick is fed up of her life. She want to run and never look back. Other day she was saying “Man I want to run somewhere far where my TL cant find me.  It would be fun if you join me”. I was flattered by her invitation. I thought for a while and said “while you run I will walk. You see you need exercise”. She didn’t laugh for my pj instead she just ignored me as I was there as a result of some JAVA code exception. This is what happens with IT employees. They try to implement all languages in their day to day life.

I was flattered when I came to know that even my bro reads my blog. He read few post and he called me and said “how dare you to write nonsense things about me in public?” I raised my well shaped eyebrows which obviously he couldn’t see and said “chillax bro, be cool. When I need a break I cant fag so I thought indirectly fighting with you will help me to cool my temper. He raised his voice and said “whatever freak don’t bring me in your blog”. I said “loser” in my mind. I know what will happen if he listen to that. Must say he is a great father. He cuddles his daughter all time .

Today is Mother Marys Bday(nativity) quite famous  festival in Mangalore, celebrated by all Catholics. I wont you bored you up with the things which you can Google can find instantaneously.  HAPPY BDAY MOTHER MARY. As a bday gift please grant broad mind to my TL and my PM. Its almost 2 months and I already feel like from 2 years I am rotting in that dungeon. Sometimes I feel I should visit a witch and do black magic on my manager. Black magic which will turn my dark manager even darker and nobody can identify him without a torch. Other day he was enquiring about my pg with my friend. I was wondering whether those PM wants their team members to stay near by their house. What the *@#$.

When I was busy working I was wondering about my blog. I thought it must be dead without new post and readers. But surprisingly I got few likes on my old post. It was boost up drink for me. Thank you guys. I know today I was suppose to announce the lucky draw results. As it was Mother Marys bday I was busy singing “happy bday song”. Tomorrow definitely I will announce the result. Just wonder who will get a chance to visit Jungle with my  dad.

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