CONGO winners!!!!

Posted: September 9, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Its very relaxing when you are at home. I just enjoyed it. As my sis was leaving today to her destination we all were bit busy. She  had packed most of the things like jagery, vegetables, Kinnigoli special Chetans biscuits, Bennae butter, Chetan bakery’s plum cake.  I never thought half of those things I will be getting back when I return home.  Jet officers didn’t allow her overloaded bag. Poor sissy.  I requested AWL and EVL to pose for a pic with me with a special pose. And yeah they did pose for the picJ

Last weekend I was alone in the pg and all I did was watching Vampire Diaries season 1. Those Salvatore brothers were pretty cool. I was so much obsessed with the series that I slept at early dawn on Friday. When my neighbors alarm was ringing in the morning I was getting ready for bed. Obsession continued and I gave a full stop to it on Saturday. Uff it was really a slow process watching 23 episode. When I went out for a stroll on Saturday I felt somebody will come and bite my neck. What else you will happen if a person watches those bloody vampires day and night. I decided I need full 12 hrs sleep. As I slept early on Saturday couldn’t have my bath. I set the alarm early in the morning on Sunday. Till 10 all I was able to do was snoozing the alarm. Finally I went for mass without having bath. I told Jesus sorry and surprisingly he didn’t say anything

Recently I got this new hobby. Its nothing but killing mosquito with the electronic bat. I wake up the sleeping mosquito, chase them and finally kill them. Sometimes I feel even my PM should be mosquito and my imagination gives me satisfaction.

There were only few participants in the lucky draw. Here is the result

Third Prize: Martis

Second Prize: Rakshith

First prize: Harsha Aithal

Lucky gal: Chandu alias Chandini

Lucky guy: Deekshith

For further info plz contact me. Congo all winners. Hope the participants are happy with the results. Party will arranged in my pg terrace iff my vegetarian owner will give the permission.

  1. Rakshith says:

    wats the second prize.. 🙂


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