All I Need Is LOVE

Posted: September 10, 2011 in STORY

She is standing at the edge of the cliff. Usually she is scared of heights and water but today she is least bothered about it. Many times she had compromised in her life but not anymore. Standing there and watching the sun set she thinks sun in her life is set which never gonna rise. She puts her flying hair behind her ears and checks her surroundings. Most of the people are going back as its already 6.45PM. She thinks she has to wait for a while and turns to watch the sunset


When they laid her mommys coffin in the cemetery Aleena was only 8 years old. Rony was only few years older than her. Rony was beside her sister’s side throughout the funeral ceremony. Aleena don’t remember seeing her dad  so heart broken and miserable. She was in first standard when she came to know that her mom is suffering from uterus cancer and it’s in last stage. She had hugged her mom and cried as if she never wanna let her go. Rony being a guy never expressed his emotion because he didn’t want to upset his little kid sister.

Rita and Rocky married 10 years back and they had 2 lovely kids. As the saying goes “Happiness comes only for short duration” they didn’t take long to see the upcoming disaster. As soon as they came to know about Rita’s sickness they started the treatment but it was too late. Rita was not afraid to die but she was worried for her son and daughter. She knew Rony being a guy will manage to come out of the shell but Aleena being a gal has to struggle. She wanted to be there to help when she needed her. Rita requested Rocky to remarry after her death so that kids will get bit support but to her disappointment Rocky was against of it.

Rita struggled to live those days on which god had written her name. When she was shifted to ICU Aleena and Rony were there holding her hand. She had captured her kids and husbands dreadful face before closing her eyes for the final time.

After her moms death Aleena became introvert. Even Rony used to play with her take care of her she felt she do miss something which was more precious than anything. Even Rony felt the same thing but being elder he shut his emotions from outside world.

Drastic change was in Rockys behavior. He started acting strange. Starting few days he was polite with the kids but soon he became violent. He was unaware of the fact that the drastic change in him going to build a gap between him and his kids. He fail to understand their feeling, needs, emotions. Rocky used to beat Rony on his mistake and yell at Aleena on her mistake.

Even though Aleena and Rony were fed up with their dad they never showed their dislike. Rony being a guy was rebellious and Aleena tried her level best to please her dad. She didn’t know that life long she have to compromise to do so.

When they finished their high school they were sent to hostel for PUC and their hostel life continued till Rony finished his BE and Aleena her B.Com. Even though they were grown up they got the same ugly treatment from their dad.

Rony was fed up with his life left for Dubai in search of job. He had hugged Aleena and cried before leaving. Aleena begged him not to leave her but he didn’t stop.

Left alone with dad Aleena felt lonely. She missed her mom and brother. She spoke to dad about  job in Bangalore. Rocky didn’t agree in the beginning but later he gave permission.


As soon as Aleena came to Bangalore she realized how much fun she was missing. Her working place was nice. She enjoyed her work.

Years passed now Aleena was 25 years old and Rony didn’t come since he left. Once in a while he used to call his sister.

Aleena being a simple gal never dreamt that somebody will fall for her. To her surprise her colleague proposed her. Even though he was non catholic she was ok with it. Aleena took few days to say yes. From her childhood she expected only love but she never got it. Her mom left her when she was a kid, Her bro left her when she needed him and her dad as usual wants her to do things  his way. She thought its time even she start living her life. As soon as she said yes she realized how much the guy loves her. They used to hang out together. He used to take her to hospital if she is not well, He used to cook for her when shes lazy to do so…

When she had been home her dad talked about her marriage. She said she need more time. But her dad being stubborn made her to see the guy. She met him for her dads sake. She wanted to shout from her top of her voice to stop bullying her. But she couldn’t.

With dreadful feeling she left for Bangalore. She wanted to tell her dad about her relationship. She was waiting for the right moment which she never got. Her dad used to treat her like a dumb cow.

One day she got a call from dad. He told her to come home immediately. When she reached home she realized that she have to see one more guy. Aleena thought this is the right moment and she told her dad about her relationship. When she finished Rocky was boiling with anger. He scolded her and when he took 2 steps towards her Aleena opened her mouth. She don’t know from where she got the courage. She pointed out at him and said “You cant bully me. I know now Rony did a right thing. Hope he never come back”. Before she finished her sentence Rockys hand strike her twice.

Even Aleena lost her patience and said “What you thought every time you treat me like a dumb cow and I will shut my mouth? You need to grow up dad”. Rocky stood there watching her daughter. Aleena couldn’t stand there she just left the place.


Aleena was still looking at the sunset when her phone rang. It was her boyfriend. She told him “We cant be happy if our parents are not happy. May be this is not the right thing but I am fed up of this”. He tried to understand what shes saying but he couldn’t. Aleena said bye to her boyfriend for the final time. She knows that what she is going to do is a wrong thing but she is tired of this. She wants it to end so she thought suicide is a right thing to do. She know that people might call her freak or loser for committing suicide but she cant go through the same emotional breakdown again. She looked at the sea and then the sunset. She didn’t want to waste any time, she took few more steps and jumped into the ocean which was eagerly waiting for her with wide open arms.


Rocky realized his mistake. He knew that right from the beginning he was harsh on the kids. He wanted to correct his mistake and want to ask forgiveness from his kids. He didn’t realize then that he already lost his daughter. When he was trying to call her daughter doorbell rang. When he open the door police was standing there with his daughters belongings. He took few minutes to understand what must have happened to his daughter.

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