I am low, low, low,low actually very low

Posted: September 11, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I am feeling very low today as I am leaving to Bangalore. Poor me! From tomorrow same old story get up, run, slog, run, sleep and again get up. If work is interesting then everybody will love it. You see this love is important while you work. Just wonder when ill find love for my work.

After having fish fry, crab, Pork, chicken continuously for 4 days even my tummy will take some time to adjust to my own cooking. Work for Monday is already scheduled. I am sure I rarely get any time to visit my own blog. Poor SNL’s blog.

Last week Loly had returned from Bangkok . She did enjoyed Bangkok. My jiju saw her pic in FB and asked me “Man she looks cool in her knee length dress”. I thought may be Bangkok cropped her dress length. Anyways now its fashion to wear knee length dresses. She did get me some fancy stuff. The Tortoise bag she got for me is really nice. When I carry that bag even I look like tortoise. She had clicked many pics in most of them her gang especially guys were half nude, some without shirt and some in micro mini shorts. When I commented on it she said “Babes in Bangalore they cant flaunt so they flaunted in Bangkok”. I never imagined that even guys love to flaunt their hairy legs. She had one pic in which Many Bangkok guys were without shirt. It looked like as if they wanted to show off their 6 pack. But all I could see was their flat tummy and local brand briefs waist band. Guys are all same no matter whether they are from India or US. Some things are common for them.

May be this is the last post for this week. I am not sure. I feel I should have more hands like devi for multitasking. Whatever.  Wish you all happy working week days ahead.

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