Back To Bangalore

Posted: September 12, 2011 in My Silly thoughts


I never thought I will time to write few words today but god is great. He took pity on me and granted my wish which.

Yesterday when I was packing my bags my dad was telling me to take few more things. If you remember I had mentioned about my sis sending the extra luggage back with me from airport. In that extra luggage there were biscuits and some more eatables. I went on stuffing my bag as my dad went on getting things and finally my bag became like a giant. It was like ant carrying an elephant. My bro had dropped till my bus. As a 9th wonder he came inside the bus and dumped the giant on my seat which was an upper-sleeper. If you wonder what’s the 8th wonder according to SNL then it’s nothing but “SNL having a BF”. He stood there even I stood there. I was thinking that he will take his wallet slowly then 1000rs will shift from its place from his wallet to mine. But unfortunately I was night dreaming. 8.30Pm cant be day dreaming. Just wonder why people stop giving pocket money when you start working!!!! I struggle to sleep on that narrow single sleeper. Gaint, my hand bag, laptop occupied most of the space. Many times I felt with “Bhatk” sound I will be fall on the lower-seater. But to my astonishment I didn’t fall. May be Angel Michal was holding me with his strong arms. How filmy!!!

I bought fish for Chick. She is over the moon as she loves fish. By the time I reach pg fish will be there or only fish skeleton I just have to wait and watch. I just wonder how my pg owner “The Boxer Hero” will act if he comes to know about 2 non-veggies spoiling his pure veg pg.

Whatever. For the time being fish are hiding in their secret hideout which is the cupboard. I am sure me and chick will be homeless if the “The Boxer hero” opens the cupboard and faints seeing the fish and eggs.

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