Dream high……So high reaching the sky…..But(everywhere this CHEAPOBut follows)

Posted: September 13, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Was feeling great today morning as I had 3 fish yesterday night. I emptied my deo bottle spraying all around our room. Chick was scared that ‘Boxer hero” will catch us with fish. But ‘Boxer hero’s’ nose is not so strong to identify the difference between fish-fry and Addias fragrance. Jesus saved me and Ganapathi saved chick from being homeless.

Chick is very much sad as she works like dog. She keeps on saying that she wanna run but she never runs. I know one day she will reach those heights from where surely she will mock me. The way she handles those office calls I am sure very soon she will be a TL. Her team members might say “ dude have you seen out TL, She’s a babe man”. But unfortunately if she hears them then god saves those guys. Other day she missed her office cab and went by ordinary BMTC bus. I know those buses are not meant for her. Early morning bus was packed and she was dying to reach her office. In between one gal was getting disturbed by her bag and she told Chick to remove her bag. Can you expect her answer???No. Even I couldn’t imagine. She said “Why babes you gonna hold it for me”. And the gal lost her tongue. She’s a beauty with fire.  LOL. I would love to say the guy who gonna marry her will be luckiest person. Congrats Mr Rai you are the luckiest person. I am just wondering how she will react when she will read my blog. I feel she might try to use the electronic mosquito bat on me. Whatever. When she will TL and I will be what????  SNL a tester???? Poor me!!!!!

I forgot to mention that one of my most awaited dream came true few weeks back. Don’t ask me about my dream I cant tell you. When my dream came true I was on cloud no9. I messaged most of my friends. All thanks to Loly and her pals. Other day even Loly was on cloud no 9. She was so happy that she decided not to have bath for 2 days because she wanted to preserve the moments with herself forever.

Just now I had my lunch. I am bit sleepy. You see my pending sleep is still pending.  May be I should sleep for a while and wish something big. May be good guy with broad shoulders. Hold a second broad shoulder not to carry me but to carry my luggage!!!!.

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