BABYS are real fast

Posted: September 14, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I was wondering like wild boar about what to write. And to my utter surprise there was this mail waiting for me in my mail box. One of my school friend delivered her baby yesterday and she had described the journey from her house to hospital. Her name is Jess  Miranda, Malcolm Miranda is her hubby and ‘Glen Miranda’ The hero of the story.  For your info it’s not MIRINDA its Miranda

“ Glen Miranda is born on 11th of Sep at 5.33 am. I woke up that morning at home at 3.30 am to go to the bath room and after that I started having mild labor pain. It increased every minute passed by, and at 4 am I asked Malcolm to call the doctor’s office. As soon as he called the doctor I was bit relaxed. But later when Doctor called back to check on things and I could not talk to her as my pains were increasing. She asked me to come to the hospital, soon after I hung up, my water bag broke.”TAPAK!!!! (sound is from my audio store)

“Malcolm and me immediately rushed to the hospital. Due to pains I was just feeling like throwing seat belt from me while we were traveling in the car. “SNL’s comment -Poor Malcolm!!!Just wonder what he was he doing while his wife was suffering in the car. Concentrating on road or consoling his wife who was in pain. Poor fellow!!!! Guys have lots of challenges to face. Becoming hubby and becoming a dady. ” However, we reached hospital within 15 min in the same city, as soon as I got in, they took me to the labor room and I delivered within 10 minutes. “SNL’s comment -Mommy carried the baby for 9 months and within 10 minutes he was out. Must say lucky baby boy, didn’t trouble her mommy on his grand entry to this big world. Congrats Jess and Malcolm”

It was quite fast for everybody’s surprise. We thank God everything went well and little Glen is with us. All are happy about this.”
I salute all mommies who took labor pain as challenge to get their kids in to this world. I also salute those daddies who were with mommies to support them and console them.

Between if you have something unique story regarding anything or something don’t hesitate to Your story and my masala will ROCK!!!

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