It Came AGAIN!!!!!

Posted: September 20, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

It came again. This time even I will be affected by that. There are many things which we control. Famine, Flood…. and last but not the least is recession. Many are getting fired. Those days with shopping bags in malls are gone. I didn’t expect to be poorer after being a Software engineer. Days with 1000 rupees note are gone. I know I am very good in spending and very very bad in saving. Only I can help myself.

Like weather even IT market is unpredictable. When it blooms and when it falls only God knows. In my company, Please don’t ask company name if you don’t know they already started firing. In the battle field even solider wont fire those bullets in such speed I guess. What a comparison! I was worried what I will do if they fire me??Chick says we can be receptionist: smile 24/7, Sales gals : no patience to fold the clothes infinite times, Petrol bunk: not an bad idea. If I tell my dad about recession he will buy some cows and I will be good e.g. for Cow gal. Gosh I am freaking out. One of my friend said if anybody want to get married then do it now. This is the right time. Now may be your requirements for the bride or groom will be more but the day is not far when requirements will null and still no one around to be your better half .Time to think

Whatever it is my best friend said “when worry comes just tell me and I will save you”.  Yeah I trust him blindly and I know he will never let me down. What else can Software Engineer can to other than trusting God!

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