Be Ready with Back-UP plan my dear IT friends

Posted: September 21, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Here comes one more day,

New day with bright sun ray,……

No time to think and write a poem. You see poem consumes lots of time like a brand new project. Sorry cant help myself. Being an software engineer it became my habit to compare everything with IT terms. How sad!!!

Firing is still on. Don’t know when I will be dead on the battle field. My spirit is very low. Sometimes I feel I should stop writing. But whenever I see those comments I start writing again. One point is so true. If a write becomes successful he earns his bread and butter with his pen. But if he fails he cant even buy his pen. So true!!! I don’t know whether I will be successful or I will fail. All I know is writer should have creative mind and he should be thinking all the time. MCA stole my creative mind and those JAVA, C, C++,…bla bla program affected part of my brain by hearting them. Now You might say”Man!this female by hearted the programs!”. Half of my friend’s were doing the same thing so no big deal in that. You see I hate complicated language.

Whatever it is for the time being I am earning my bread and butter being a SE. Hope my pen will help me when IT industry falls. This is the lesson to all It employees “Keep back up plan ready. You never know anything can happen”.

  1. All iz well.. All iz well


  2. Rashmi says:

    Sylvi.. u’ve got a long way to go just chill madi


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