Its all about LOVE

Posted: September 22, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

LOVE. Love makes you go crazy about someone whom you love truly, madly, deeply (Crazy love). Love makes you go penniless (Costly love), Love make you cry over small fight(narrow minded love),Love makes you doubt you partner(insecure love).love makes you booze till 3 in the morning(broken love).

I don’t know much about love between 2 different genders or same genders. You see I am still far away from there. I know few things about Love.

Love is protective. When my dad took stick to hit me Ancy was there right behind him to bite him.

Love compromises. When I bug chick with my silly things she doesn’t complain instead she smiles and does whatever necessary to shut my mouth.

Love is caring. When I am not well Loly calls me to check how I am doing.

Love makes you smile. When I crack jokes on my dad’s teeth he smiles and spanks me.

Love sacrifices. Even when my mom is not well she prepares the dish which is my favorite.

Love is selfless. Even though my bro fights with me he allows me to use his things.

Love is fun. When I call my sister “psycho” she scolds me and smiles.

Love understands. When I won’t call my aunt for 2 weeks she never complains

Love missed you when you are not around. Its almost 1 and half year still I miss my Ancy.

I don’t know anything more than this about Love. I am still doing R and D. Hope all of you meet the person who loves you unconditionally and without any bounds. Those are waiting please wait with patience and hope.  I am waiting when I will get one more dog who loves me like Ancy.


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