Weird Weird .Its really Weird

Posted: September 23, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

OH my head!! My head is aching from many days. Guess my end is near. Not yet I guess. May be in October I will die and I will be soon in obituary column of UDAYAVANI (famous Kannada paper in Mangalore) and in Daijiworld. My blog will be orphan!!!!!!Poor SNLworld. Please all of you come for my funeral. You see those who come to the funeral will get cool drinks. Lemon, orange, cola flavors will be available. I always used to prefer cola.

 Next week and week followed  if I get stoke I wouldn’t wonder. You can ask me why. I have lot more to say. SNL study on IT people revealed a secret. Those who work till late night, those are workaholic suffer from various kind of disease in their young age and meet god before the meeting was scheduled. Whatever they earn directly goes to doctor’s bank account. How sad. Those are working hard please mail me I have a list to pass it to god and one love letter to Angel Michal. You see his bday is coming. I could have sent him a mail but sources said internet is not working in heaven. As rat killed by me spoiled the BSNL broad band cabal. Eye for Eye.

 I guess part of my brain is already affected. Today I was getting ready when I saw fish skeleton. I know few weeks back we had fish in the pg. Wondered what “boxer Hero” would have done if he discovered the skeleton. God saved me and Chick again!!!!

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