Posted: September 28, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Every time I struggle to open my eyes guy from neighbor cabin sneezes. You see I was trying to sleep. I flutter my eyes and wait with patience thinking “Excuse me or Sorry” is on its way. You see I don’t expect him to apologize for disturbing my sleep but you see ”Manners” does matter to me.  But always I will be disappointed. Manner less PIG!!!

When I went to fill the water I saw the un-wrapped chewing gum. May be those smokers molded that poor chewing gum in all possible ways and shapes and threw it just like that. Yeah just like that. I feel sad to see the nude chewing gum which shows all the teeth mark of those great people!!!!!

After having heavy lunch when people wash their hand they never forget to wash their nose and throat. The sound made while cleaning the nose and throat can be heard by rickshaw driver waiting near the entrance gate.

I don’t know how men washrooms are you see never got a chance to visit. But when I see the ladies washroom I feel like running outside and shout from top of my voice “Who the hell did the potty and didn’t flush?”. Tissues will be on the floor like white Lily. Wait a second did I hear a burp there!!!Yeah man it was a burp. But did that fat pig said “Sorry”. No, guess he is cleaning his teeth with his little finger.

A manner is essential part of our life. NO matter who you are or which designation you have. At home you can forget them for a while but not in public. I wonder why HR people in the working place wont utter a word. May they are darn busy playing Farmville or filing their nails!!!!!!!!

  1. Vandy says:

    Very very true Syl!You could post this on ******* speak.


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