Is it REAL????????????

Posted: September 29, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING ONE OF OUR WINNERS IN THE NEW O2 MOBILE PROMOTIONAL LOTTERY, PLEASE VIEW ATTACH FILE FOR MORE INFO. This was mail waiting for me in my office inbox since 3.00AM. I was startled by seeing this mail. Such mail to my office ID……time to think. I forwarded the mail to chick and DBC. And to my surprise chick called me and said ”Go ahead and call them. You never know “. DBC said “Babes today is your day. Call them may be god heard your prayer”. I am still thinking whether to call or not you see nowadays cheater cocks are all around.

That mail still haunts me. I already read that mail for 20 times. The attachment says I should call the guy named Dr. Allen Smith for my prize. I feel even you want to have a glance at the attachment. You see I never disappoint anyone. Here we go

Congratulations Sylvia, your email address is one of the lucky 30 global email addresses selected in the Automated Random Matrix Draw System of the 2011 o2 Mobile UK Ltd promotion held on 5th August, 2011. Your email has drawn the winning code numbers %$#####(I didn’t copy the codeJ)

We will need your email add and mobile number to be sure it matches what we have in our database, your full names, Age, Occupation, attached copy of your international  passport/drivers license and address to issue you a prize claim certificate which would be presented to the paying bank along with your identification.

You are to immediately call our Global Telephone Confirmation Numbers specific to your  region on:

+ 44-203-318-0533 ( Europe  )

+ 1-347-389-0111 ( North America  )

+ 55-21-3958-0895 ( South America  )

+ 61-2-9037-2498 ( Oceania  )

+ 852-5808-1888 ( Asia  )

+ 27-10-500-3945 ( Africa  )

+ 973-1619-9859 ( Middle East  )

When requested, key in your specific winning numbers above and listen to the amount you have won. This winning code numbers is specific to you.

For winning details and other relevant information, please contact Dr. Allen Smith for your prize. on  Email:

Yours truly,
Dr. Allen Smith..
Coordinator o2 UK Online Version United Kingdom Lottery

The mail looks so real. But it can be a trap you never know. I wanna delete this mail but its too hard. By end of the day I may read that mail for 100th time. Just Like that!!!!!



  1. Its fake.. dont fell to such gimmicks.. if you call any of those numbers.. you will be asked to pay the tax for the prize in order to claim..

    And read papers..


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