Yeppie…..Its my 100th POST

Posted: September 29, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I am very happy today its not because weekend is near but its because its my 100th post!!!!!Congo SNL You did it.

On this happy occasion I wanna thank all my readers. Some friends commented and  some complimented, some Liked thank god there was no dislike button. Whatever it is I write because I love to write. I know I am very lazy. There are few stories half written just wonder when ill finish them. Sometimes i write weird things which doesnt make sense but i write. You see my fingers itch to write.

I wanna mention some of my friendsnames. May be they sounds Latin or Spanish to you but I wanna mention their names.

My friends:

Ching Shruthi alias Chick: She saw my area of interest and created a blog for me. So nice of her… but don’t fall for her charm she’s beauty with fire.

Harsha Aithal: First reader of my blog and first one to comment

Raks: Second person to read my blog.

Amith(rakhi bro): who encourages me to write more and more.

DBC alias Shilpa Kokooooo..: My Gtalk buddy who never stops complimenting me on my article

Anil, Mohith, Deekshith, Shenoy:  Never stops giving me the right feed back

Harish(Lolys gang): Dedicated reader

Loly: She reads few lines here and there and says ”Superrr”

PU alias Nisha: My so called un-official lazy editor who never edits my stories. But she encourages me and says “you need some polish”.

FB friends: Uday, Adrian, Martis,Sunga

My child hood friends, BSC classmate and MCA classmates: Thank you all.

My family members:

Jiju and sis: First from my family to read my blog

Sis-in-law: Even she started reading it

Bro: Guess he read few articles where his name was highlighted. Now even he cant stop reading.

Loy, Lora, Melroy, Merwyn: My cousins:).

I wonder whether my dad knows that his daughter writes!!!!!!!!!

 SORRY if I have missed your names. Whatever it is THANK YOU MY DEAR READER. Thank you again for bearing my stupid spelling mistakes. Keep reading many more SILLY thoughts are on its way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Amit says:

    Congrats…. And my name is not Amith..


  2. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Congrats janu!!! keep going ………………………………………….


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