My name is LOBO and I am not BEBO

Posted: October 3, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

If you are in Bangalore and if you are dying to eat sea food then best place to visit is Coast to Coast(MG Road). They serve sexy Chicken ghee roast too. Excellent service, reasonable rates, mouth watering dishes and exotic cocktails all in one.

Its true that brigade road and Mg road in Bangalore are most happening places. Usually people see gals from bottom, to verify how long is their dress but in Mg road gals are viewed from top to verify how much part is covered!!!!!!!!!

My name is Lobo and I am not Bebo. You must say how true!!!! Let me bring out the difference between us. If I try also I cant write about the similarities because there are none. Poor me.


  • Works in IT company
  • Very simple, down to earth
  • Wardrobe is limited. Wears all decent and below knee length clothes.
  • Wears Kitos to office. Got elephant feet, cant wear fancy sandals
  • Travels by BMTC bus in Bangalore and Private in Mangalore. Sometimes rides Activa owned by her brother.
  • Bank balance is almost nil
  • Handful people knows her because of her few stories published in Daiji. Maximum 10 fans  most of them her friends(gals)
  • Doesn’t like extra marital affairs and still single.
  • Lobo knows about Bebo
  • Nightmare of guys


  • Works in film industry
  • Very sophisticated, good personality reaching the sky(like coconut tree)
  • Wardrobe is vast. Wears all kinda of clothes starting from sari with backless blouse till top with micro mini skirt
  • She got very nice feet and many ladies fancy her foot wear.
  • Travels by car. Doesn’t know to travel by bus.
  • She earns in corer. Bank balance is quite vast
  • Everybody knows her. She got infinite fans, most of them are guys.
  • She loves extra marital affairs. She is committed and very soon gonna tie knot.
  • Bebo doesn’t know Lobo
  • Dream girl of guys

Gosh so many differences. Still many more are there but due to time constraint I stopped it here. When the differences are infinite definitely I have to say “My name is LOBO and I am not BEBO”.

I am 100 percent sure guys will say” Freak started comparing herself with Bebo”. Actually yesterday I saw this movie “My Name is khan” and today I got infected by his dialogue “My name is Khan and I am not terrorist”. It’s true that when you watch SRK’s movies impact will be so much that you will get side effect!!!

  1. loly says:

    :):) lol.. Wat freakin topics u get. By d way i had made chicken ghee roast 🙂 wic u missed.. It ws deadly spicy though 🙂


  2. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Oh after watching !! such a bakwaz mv “My Name is khan” u realized this !!!
    Go And watch Wednesday ………..U ll get so many differences.


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