I miss my HOME

Posted: October 4, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

One more day with its own worries. Oh man just wonder when these worries will disappear, I am tired of living with same old kit-pit like I sit on passage and cant access FB all the time like others, Few K’s are not enough to survive in Bangalore in ‘Boxer hero’s’ shed, exhausted paying my shopping bill and last but not least Chick will be leaving in January. If Shakespeare was still alive he would have write “Oh my poor thing”, I don’t remember any other poet or writer who left a mark on heart so just took Shakespeare’s name. My study says if you wanna be great writer you should mention great writers dialogue in your script. Wonder when people start mentioning my name in their scripts!!!!!!!

I wanna go home badly, tired of city life and tired of ‘Boxer Hero’s bullshit. But I cant go you see to earn bread and butter I should stick to this metropolitan city. Same routine, same office, same chair, same old BMTC bus conductor tries their level best to touch female passenger, same veg food, same polluted air and same old English toilet. I cant even sing in the bath room because the adjacent room is ‘Boxer Hero’s’ clinic. You see ‘Boxer Hero’ is cardiologist but still he do this chindigiri (stingy) for money.

Kinnigoli is nice place to stay. Fresh air, fresh fish and meat it just awesome feeling when you eat that delicious fish curry with boiled rice. Yummy!!!! When I start my sorry my bros Activa and rise the accelerator all I can see is trees and rocks for 3 kilo meters. When there is water problem in Bangalore and if you want to potty badly you have to get bisleri water to clean the mess but village you can sit behind any tree trunk and relax yourself and use leaf instead of tissue. You can sing a song to keep away the intruder. How convenient!!!!

There are at least 10 banks and 20 school and colleges in nearby places. I agree we don’t have MacD ,KFC,TacoBell, Subway there but golibajae, buns, Chatte Ambode are mouth watering. Most of the people wont smoke wills and drink branded tea like city people they take a puff of Ganesh beedi and drink cutting tea. One common thing between city and village people is all male animal piss anywhere and everywhere. Indians are Indians they never lose their originality anywhere.

I know city life have its own drawbacks and village life have its own. But those are born and bought up in village will miss their hometown no matter they live in Amsterdam or Texas or Bangalore. I already started missing Kinnigoli staying in Bangalore. Wonder how I feel when I visit other 2 places. Have to just wait and watch.

  1. loly says:

    i missin taccode too 😦 high time to quit … Somebody suggested me get married 😀


  2. Ady says:

    So very tru.., miss home town. miss the mouth watering neer dose, golibajae, buns, Chatte Ambode ….:-(


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