Wish you all HAPPY Dushera

Posted: October 5, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Ethnic day in office and all male eyes are eager , excited because they its one day they can see the ladies bring the desi flavor to office with their attires. With their plain kurth and jeans anybody would have died with palpitation and boredom. But thanks to us, Ladies for adding all the flavors with different colors, that seducing Sari, elegant salwar, bindhi on forehead, colorful bangles.

Don’t know about men’s washroom but ladies washrooms are crowded. Strong perfume smell hits the nostril when you open the door to washroom  where you feel lost with so many ladies seeing their reflection in mirror, admiring themselves and giving a touch up to their make up. Somebody is re-coating the lipstick, while somebody is helping with less talented woman in make-up-area with eye liner. Its feast to eyes to see ladies getting dress up.

As time passes we become ignorant to know the importance of the day. All we care is whether its holiday or working day. Does anybody spend few minutes to know the significance?

Its during Dushera Lord Ram and Durga ma killed the evil demon marking this victorious day. They say evil find its end and good thing blossom, its a new begining. Lets all kill that one bad quality in us and plant one good quality in us. It might be hard but not impossible.

For Lord Ram followers happy “setting Ravana on fire”, for Bongs happy “Durga maa pooja”, People from south happy “ayudha pooja”



Wish you all Happy Dasara.

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