How I Met Your Father Sorry MOTHER

Posted: October 7, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

After spending whole day on bed in front of TV it’s impossible to sit in front of System and work. I yawn and yawn and still yawn. I started watching the series “How I met your mother”. I am in love with Ted but unfortunately Ted in love with Robin and he doesn’t even know me, such a complicated story. Ufffffffffff  whatever!!!! After watching the series I felt I should write a novel “How I met your father”!!!!!Hope there exist a father and kidsJ

My sissy said AVL got one more puppy and he didn’t inform me. AVL didn’t inform about new pup to his baby angel, how sad!!!! When I asked him about it he said “Babes I wanted to surprise you when you come home”. Wait a second is this is the same AVL who is my father???? Fortunately yeah, after all AVL is improved!!!! People say as time passes even Lion becomes mild. After all AVL is mere human being.

Yesterday I was all alone in the pg. Other day Chick called me from home to tell me about her lunch menu Prawns ghee roast, fish fry bla bla.I stopped her right there how dare she is to add fuel to the fire. It was sad to stay alone in the room. I missed her. I was almost in tears in the evening you see I was darn bored. Whole day I was looking into the empty bed beside mine. Did u believe that??? Huhaha Its true I missed her but rest is from my store. I utilized both the beds, one leg in my bed and other in hers. I know when Chick will read this she will say “nautanki (melodrama) santhe(market)”.

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