Yet another MONDAY

Posted: October 10, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I don’t know why my Monday mornings feelings never change. The day I started working is the day I started hating Mondays. May be I cant change my feelings for Monday. I know it’s a sad thing.

Other day I was writing story when I realized how hard it is to be a writer. I feel even to write you should have an active neuron inside your brain. Twists, turns at the right point and time make your story memorable. When I completed the story and it turns out to be the Bollywood movie ‘Mann’ . I spent almost 20 hours on that story. It was awful!!!!If I was writing that story for a client I would have wonder about the timesheet entries. That exact moment I felt to write extra ordinary story with extra ordinary characters you need extra ordinary brain, which probably I don’t have. I have seen most of the developers running to smoking area 20 times a day. They say cigarette smoke monitors their brains functionality. I never tired to understand their complex logic. Even I could have tried that but you see I don’t wanna die with lung cancer. Thousand or may be more people will stand with their gun to shoot you at you mistake and handful (mostly your friends) of people will encourage you.

Few days I worked on polishing my skills .I learnt new words for a week but when I realized the English dictionary never gonna end I off the light and went to bed. Chick giggled for a while and said “I knew it this gonna happen”. I just showed her all fingers which she probably didn’t see!!!!


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