Dear GOD atleast this time Bless me with Deepavali Sweets!!!!

Posted: October 17, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

It has been quite hectic day with lots of work and pressure. I know every dog has its day but I just wonder why I have so many days.

Weekend was bit warm with ‘Real Steel’ movie and delicious food from ‘Three Quarter Chinese’. To compensate the spicy Chinese food we had papaya. Hope you all know what I mean.

 Chick is getting married in January and more than her mom I am worried. I am gonna lose a good friend. They say once you are married your life is screwed and even you are screwed. Your sentence starts with your house and ends with your husband/wife. You see life changes. Even though I have male friends I cant talk all my G-stuff and shop with them.

For Eg:

When guys lift their hand and when waist band is not visible and we have to identify the brand. Tough job !!!

When a cute couple passes, praising them.

When a guy carries the bag and gal shop with full interest, commenting on guys helpless situation

Holding hands like “L” and roaming whole mall and wondering what people might say looking at us.

Shopping 24/7 .

Bla Bla.

 There are many more thing but I feel my brain lost its creative functionality due to heavy work and I am running out of points.

Deepavali is near and this time I expect some sweets from my company. Last time I had bought a big plastic thinking I’ll take my sweet box in that but at the end of day the plastic was still empty. When I thought I waited for long I had called Admin to enquire about the sweets but they disappointed me. Then I realized no matter whether its IT company or some other company poverty is still there in India

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