Adventure With My Buddy On Some Dipavali

Posted: October 18, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Festival of light and sweet, Dipavali is here and I feel nostalgic. Years might have passed but the memory is still raw.

I didn’t burst crackers or shone with traditional clothes flaunting my belly button. I was travelling home all excited about the home cooked food and pampering. But when my hope to reach home on time thinned, I was glad to have my buddy beside me, little I knew I was making a sweet Dipavali memory rather than just living the moment like million other times.

As per the common knowledge one needs to book the bus ticket in advance if you are travelling during festival season. As a smarty pants I booked my ticket in one of my favorite bus, SUGAMA, one month in advance. Loly, famous with her cute smile and kind heart, had the privilege of being my close friend, decided to stay back in Bangalore, pouring water on my advice to go home for the long weekend. With my bags packed I waited patiently for the week to pass

2 days before Dipavali  Loly gets into one of her “miss-mommy, miss-dolly(her dog)” mode, singing “I want to go home” song non-stop, annoying me every single minute over the phone.

She puts tail inside my ears like a vicious snake, shows me dreams of travelling together in KSRTC bus, sharing the take away we picked from some junk food corner, talking all time. Tempted I was to say yes, I use my brain

“No babes, I don’t think it’s possible, my tickets are already booked in private bus”.

She looked at me with those innocent eyes blinking all time, tilted her head 45 degree, with a voice sweet as honey, try to tempt me even more

”Special buses will be running, we surely can grab some seats in one of those bus”.

When it comes to travelling with friends I just love it because usually I travel alone in company of radio. After contemplating on what just Loly relived my brain stopped functioning and my heart took over. Still floating in the dreams Loly just showed me, I called my agent and cancelled my tickets in Sugama, that to single sleeper, my 8 hours heaven I just sacrificed for company of my friend.

With Loly’s priceless charm and good socializing skills she managed to get two seats in special bus Siddaganga. There was nothing special about the bus, the seats, the driver, the metal rusting smell and the speed, mind you.

.Loly came to my place to to pick me up with one of her friend , in the car. “I made the right decision, cancelling my tickets in my stinking but still comforting the usual bus, I could feel it in my bones, drop by car where usually I bargain with auto drivers, not to forget the company of my dear friend”. I got into the car , smiling at Loly all time, my excitement all visible on my face . Car stopped in front of burger outlet, while Loly took her sweet time to pick the take away I grinned looking the chips packet and Sprite resting quietly in my carry bag. When hungry; Burgers, when thirsty; sprite when bored; chips It was going to be memorable journey. My  grin deepened when Loly came into view holding the brown take away bag with the burgers, familiar smell of patty, lettuce and French fries hit my nostrils , my mouth started to water.

As soon as our bottom hit the seats our gossip was on, non-stop, taking a break once in a while to catch the breath, least bothered to worry about passengers who failed to come on time, driver’s curse and the delay. Bus picked its speed once all the seats were occupied, Loly called her mom to tell she will be in Mangalore around 5 in the morning.” 5’o clock in the morning in Mangalore!? Oopsy, it never happened before, it will take an hour to reach my place, at max. 6.30, maybe I have to listen to my driver’s grumbling, my driver happens to be my brother.

We had one round of burger and little bit of Sprite to ease the whole swallowing process. Loly warned me about intake of liquid, as they are hard on bladder, especially women’s!, while travelling.

As time passed, our tongue got tired of its long journey; we closed our eyes and drifted to sleep, chips still untouched mocked at me in silence. When I opened my eyes it was 12 in the midnight and it took a while to understand that we were static. Yawning I looked around thinking bus might have stopped near the washroom.

Little bit of eavesdropping, looking out of the window, figuring out where we are surprised us with our new discovery. We were in middle of nowhere!!

Due to drivers negligence or earth worm problem, he forgot the most important thing while travelling, to fill up the only and one tank, petrol tank. Gosh I wanted to whip him, how he can be so ignorant, it was our, women’s habit to be ignorant. With dozens of fast forwarded scenes of blame game, cursing, justification. We emptied the chips packet to the kill boredom and waited for the bus to start

The so called Special bus came to life around 2.00 am, when whole world was lost in slumber of beauty.



Shawl cosily draped around, with seats pushed back we were lost not caring the disappearing night. I opened my eyes and looked around, with thick fog showered all around, birds were busy their morning chores, tall trees looked like ladder to the clouded sky. Loly was still sleeping soundlessly, very much lady like. Last thing I noticed was the bus, it was stopped and driver was trying to level best to bring it to life again,with his magic key.

One by one everybody got down from the bus flat tire was smiling at us everyone.  I guess evil spirit was with us right from the beginning, the very minute I cancelled my ticket.  Disappointed guys, who couldn’t reach on time to celebrate festival of light with their dear family started bursting crackers on the main road. I am sure even the nature, otherwise silent except for the sound of vehicle, enjoyed company of all stranded passengers. Loly and I clicked some pics, for our future, to point out and laugh, cursing the special bus all time. Then we waited like hawks which waits for its food, for a ride to Mangalore,150KM milestone was just warning us the remaining journey. With almost other passengers mangers to get a ride it was only Loly and Me at the end stood alone on the empty road in midst of the nature.

Guess my angel Mike(Michael) herd my prayer and sent one red, dirty, KSRTC bus. With no other option we stopped the bus against our wish. We got into the bus, people started staring at us as if we came from some other planet with extra body parts. Consoling ourselves we squeezed our ass on the stinking seat with a stranger.

It was 7 in the morning we both were hungry. Empty chips packet was mocking at us.

Loly opened her bag and started digging it saying it over and over “I kept it here, where is it, I cant find it”. Her face bloomed like a rising sun as she found the treasure “There you go”. Saying she thrust big diary milk into my hand. We started eating our breakfast, Silk, in silence. That was the first time I ate something without brushing my teeth, yewww!!

With stomach still grumbling we tried to drift to sleep, to make the matters worse I couldn’t stop thinking about mouth-watering idly and chatni. Bus was moving with its own speed with approval of driver. It looked like it we will take another two days to reach Mangalore.

TUSSSSSSSSS. We weren’t surprise when another flat tire grinned at us. I felt sorry of the people, due to us, all thanks to Satan uncle, their journey was delayed.

Even though it was Deepavali it was a nightmare for both Loly and Me. Our butt’s was aching sitting 10 hours instead of 8, we were tired and our stomach grumbled very often by then.

As people were in hurry to be with their dear one on Deepavali ,they helped the driver to change the tyre, with no time we were back on road. This time I started praying and changed my seating position. I said 2 extra ‘Hail Mary’(Prayer) , one for my ass and other for Loly’s ass.

Around 11.00 am Loly said bye to me and got down from bus in BC Road. In middle of all this my dad started calling me , guess he felt it necessary to know where I reached, in case he need to register a missing complaint .  I was not in the condition to explain my ordeal to anyone, not to even my dad. I knew I have to listen to parent’s tax free lecture once I reach home. Because of my excitement to travel with my friend, I listened to heart rather than brain, went through series of misfortunes and then the free gyan!!!

Finally around 12.00 in the noon I reached Mangalore. I felt so happy, so relived I pinched myself to make sure that I am not dreaming. There was Kinnigoli’s bus waiting for me, calling me with open arms. I got into bus and prepared myself to listen to the free knowledge transfer from two well-known people.

At last at 2.00pm I reached my home, with my driver adding fuel to the fire, moms whining dad’s loudspeaker went on, first my ass and now my ears. I wanted to yell at my dad “will you zip your mouth and give me a break”. But I didn’t have the courage. I know what will happen if I raise my voice. Before I close my mouth, after delivering my short speech and sweet speech, my 2 notorious bunny teeth will be on the floor.

I closed my ear drums internally, watched the expressions change on my dad’s face when he spoke, mind still lost in the adventure I just had. I just smiled, I may be tired, hungry, frustrated but I had best Depavali of my life.



  1. Samson says:

    Your blog was fast turning into a diary entry of sorts. But this one is different.


  2. loly says:

    ahahahahaha … I jus cant stop laughing 🙂 u rememberd d silk breakfast 🙂 am not going home tis diwali 🙂 but it ws gud fun .. U wasted tat one burger .. Lol ..


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