They Frighten me………..

Posted: October 19, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As the work is bit reduced again I repeat the word ‘bit’ so I got little bit of time to cuddle my blog. Recently I observed something and I was terrified by the idea of having them. KIDS!!!

Before my niece was born I had plans to have 2 kids. What’s there in dreaming? Most of the gals dream about having cute sweet kids. After my niece christening when she came home I realized raising the kids is no easy job. They cry every 5 minutes, they wanna play when its 4 in the morning. In other words they want their mommy’s for them self.  But my niece was bit different. She was sleeping when we use to sleep and play in the evening. When I saw my sis-in-law my count of having 2 kids reduced to 1.

Other day when we went to parlor for usual gal stuff one 2 year kid had come for haircut. As soon as the beautician held the scissors she started crying “mommy”. When I saw that my idea of having kids was shaken by base. Chick looked at the kid and started giggling. She said “I am gonna give sleeping pill to my kid when I take her/him for the hair cut”. When I stared at her she winked at me and said “kidding babes”.

Its truth having the babies around you make you smile. Its nice to see the diapers around and fun to inhale the frangrance of john & johnson Powder.But being a mom and raising the kid is complicated job. Moms have to sacrifice everything for their kids’ sake. So far I have sacrificed my share of Maggie to Ancy. The thought of sacrificing everything frightens me.

  1. was busy and missed your posts.. i liked this one, as it was short, sweet and served its purpose.. 😀

    Between, 1 Kid is enough I guess..!!!!


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