I am OutDated

Posted: October 20, 2011 in POEM

Days passed years passed

Once I was young and now I am old

Even the sun look bit changed

Its only 2011 and I already feel outdated

Kids are so different now

Gf/bf, Love you in first standard

We were so dumb and innocent

Played hide and seek, robber and police

Teens are so different

Hang out in possible places

Butterfly kisses are common

Taste forbidden apple every now and then

Face Book, twitter in bloom

They find their lost friend in there

Eat, sleep, fart and update the status.

People wait to comment

Love birds roam in bike in high speed

Like they wanna fly so high reaching the sky

They sit so close in that 2 seater

Even no place for empty space

Boys look like gals with long hair

And gals look like boy

You need extra 2 eyes to find the difference

All fancy MacD, KFC, SUBWAY and Taco Bell

Eat, eat and put on weight

Burn the extra calories with the money in GYM

Apple products in everybody’s assets

I knew only apple fruit when I was young

Ancestors were half nude with those big leaves

Still people are nude with small clothes

Fire was invented to cook and eat

Now they burn the cigarette with same fire

I used dictionary to find the meaning

Google is famous to find anything

The world changed with time

Generation too changed with time

But I am still the same standing and watching

May be soon will be in museum





  1. lyuba says:

    good one


  2. megha says:

    hey nice one


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