Relaxing a Bit

Posted: October 20, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As the work is reduced I am 40% relaxed today. I cant relax 100% as I am not aware of the work waiting for me at the other end. Between god answered my prayer, this time my company is distributing Deepavli sweets to all the employees. I am eager to see the sweets. Hope they wont give some cheap ones and I have to go through the humiliation in front of my friends. You see everywhere quality and brand matters.

My bro is a sailor. Don’t ask me what he studied or studying. Even though he is working in his vacation he has to study for his exams. Being a sailor he have to be ready any time for sailing. He was studying for some freaking exam from past 3 months. Don’t ask me about his subject. I was able to understand only one concept which was floating on his laptop. “When the person is rescued from sea first thing you have to do is remove the water from his stomach by pressing his stomach .Second thing is mouth to mouth breathing. I thought even I can clear the exam. But next concept was OTH(Over the head) so I smiled to myself and said “No wonder he is acting like a psycho these days”. Whatever it is he cleared his oral exams, waiting for theories result. When he called me after his exam to tell me about the result he was happy. When I asked him what you gonna do now? He laughs like a demon and says” Gonna have a chilled beer”.  I said “You should try Whiskey bro, you will be normal within 1 day”.

Today I called home and my bro received the call. Before I open my mouth he started blabbering. He is going for sailing again. I warned him about Pirates. He says “chillax babes, If they hijack the ship I first I will click a pic with them and then will have beer with them. I smiled to myself and thought “Boy he need some more beer to be normal. Dam those exams!!!!!”


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