Tiger Took Off

Posted: October 21, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As the Tiger decided to take a stroll I am bit relaxed. Tiger was bugged up by monitoring its preys so it just took off. I am so happy that I cant stop smiling at myself. Thank you god, thank you very much.

Fulltime online in Gmail, Face book and sipping coffee in cafeteria. Where else I would be? Wow! I just wonder what will happen to me if the tiger reads my blog!!! Release??  Fire??? or More work??? Don’t wanna think about it; wanna live this moment just like that.

My new recent study so called SNL study says most of the guys in their mid 20 are scared of marriage. Obviously they must be. Gals are by birth are expected to take responsibilities. Guys from childhood till their day of marriage roam like wild boar everywhere. When they are small they roam in their cycle in underpants and when they are 25 years old they roam in their tight jeans and half open buttoned shirt which reveals their fully shaved chest in their brand new bike. I always envy the guys as they can do whatever they want. You see gals do have boundaries. Guys are as usual carefree. When they have so much freedom which dumb buffalo will be ready to take the responsibility?

It was my dream to ride bullet wearing knee length shorts and glares. I agree my dream came true; I ride Activa wearing my thick glasses in my 3/4th. In my current position riding even cycle is “Limca record”. Darn I am too thin for my height  like Sudan slave. I ask AVL’s question to myself “I eat somuch where the heck the food goes?”

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