Its Deewali……….Time for crackers and cashew Burfi

Posted: October 25, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Last deewali I went home with my buddy and the adventure was awesome. This time I am going home but alone. May be this year I will have adventure less deewali hopefully.

Sometimes my mom taunts with her usual out dated dialogue “in olden days in your age gals used to get married and used to be mother of 4 kids”. Ouch!!Is it necessary to taunt me every now and then? I don’t know.  I know its bit out of fashion to be single in this generation where gals and guys change their gf/bf as if they are trying some clothes in trail room. Being a optimistic chick I do focus on bright side. I do have some advantage

-when my committed friend crib about their problem I smile at them

-can admire any guys without any restriction. I can flirt around too which I never do.

-No need to ask permission before peeing and pooping. Some possessive bf expect their gf to ask their permission before doing anything

-wear anything you want. No need to try out the clothes and show

-no need to listen to free cricket commentary or description of car body

I do have disadvantage

-Pay my own bill

-no free bike rides. Tired of paying the rick driver

-no free gifts

-if stranger attacks me I have to protect myself

-No one will feed I have to eat my own food

-no one to cuddle

-No one to admire

-No one to listen to my PJ and crap

I do miss lot of fun. But I am happy being single. Whatever the saying “Single ones are happy ones” still holds good for me.

Tomorrow Deewali and and I am waiting for Cashew burfies like hell. Sad part is so far nobody took initiative to give me sweet. How sad!!! I am bit sensitive to cracker sound like my dogs. I am sure even I have to find place to hide when my neighbor  burn crackers.

Wish you all happy Deewali. I just love sweets so please do mail me some cashew burfis

  1. lyuba says:

    we all listen to ur PJ’s…u dont need a BF to listen that… 🙂


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