Finally at HOME

Posted: October 26, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Its good to be home.  Saw my new pup RUM he is cool like me. I thought this deewali I don’t have to worry about anything but I was wrong. Yeah damn wrong.

Yesterday 9.15 I got into bus. My seat was upper sleeper which unfortunately was a last seat. As soon I approached my seat I lost my thoughts, my sense. Below my seat there were 2 guys may be from Bangalore because their Kannada was typical Gowda type. When I saw them they were scanning me with their eyes. When I climbed into my seat one guy was telling to other “look dude how she will climb”. The look they gave me was” You fall from there and we will eat you”. I sat on my seat and started to think. I wanted to change my seat but it was not possible. I tried to shut my thoughts but I couldn’t stop them. They were vivid like robbing my bag, touching me when I sleep. That moment I decided not to sleep. Around 11 they started playing Kannada song which was getting into my nerves. I prayed to god “Save me this Deewali and next Deewali I wont travel”.

Around 12 gang of gals got into bus. They were talking nonstop and were singing as if they own the bus . I wanted to scold them but I was running out of my energy so closed my eyes. Around 1 one guy started talking on phone about CGPA. Guess Satan will be with me on all deewalis. When I finally I got some sleep I realized why the agent was asking me twice whether I am ok with the last seat that also sleeper. Every 5 minutes I was thrown up from my seat. I feel even my left and right kidneys changed their place. My back is gone and stomach hurts. In one word even this Deewali was a disaster only difference was last time Loly was there with me but time I was all alone.

When I reached home I gave so called sweet box to my dad. He saw the fancy cover and asked “are you mad to get sweets?”. I said “dad  this  sweet box is given my company. He smiled at me and asked me “So you got Deewali bonus too?” I chuckled and said “wrong question dad. I am happy that at least I am getting my so called salary, bonus and all is out of my company database. He tapped my back and said “I pity you”. I said “I pity myself”.

  1. loly says:


    tat pup is sooo cutteeee 🙂 hope he grows up to be my Roy 🙂


  2. Samson says:

    Upload some more pics of RUM…


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