Wonder why people dont want Their Kids To Be like ME!!!!

Posted: October 31, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

After a long stay at home with baby and puppy I find it hard to concentrate on my work. I even forgot my system password. Just wonder how I gonna work 8 hours today. Status meeting I yawned more than 10 times and I forgot the door to the meeting room.

As I said babysitting is not an easy job. You need loads patience and energy to handle the babies. As an inexperienced woman I found it hard to handle the baby. But my right hand (its other way around) “experienced FL” is very handy with babies. She knows the tactic’s to calm the crying baby. Oh man when Aloma will cry, why she will cry I couldn’t understand. Sometimes she will be hungry and sometimes she wants her wet cloth to be changed. There was no limit for peeing. Every 2 hours you feed her and every 15minutes she used to pee. Oops!!!  Babies need really loads of attention. When I started complaining about it FL said “you were worse than her”. Oouch! When my bro was packing his suitcase he told me to get Aloma. To my surprise he kept her inside the suitcase and clicked one pic.

 As soon I joined my so called babysitting duty I changed my FB status to “Babysitting is no easy job…God save me”. After few minutes I uploaded Aloma’s pic in the suitcase. To my wonder I got call from my cousin. Before Hi, Hello She said”What the heck are you doing with the baby? Are you in charge or somebody else is there to monitor you both?” I was speechless. I said”FL is there”. When my cousin got to know that FL is taking care of the bay and I am just her right hand she was bit calm down. Gosh people do doubt my parenting skills!!!

 Today I miss holding Aloma, cuddling her and spanking her ass. I miss her smiling face. All says Aloma looks like me. Whenever my bro hears “Aloma looks like SNL” he gets worried. He goes to his daughter and tells her”My angel don’t be like your aunt SNL”. I never understand why people are so scared of me and don’t want their kids to be like me

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