I LoVe Them

Posted: November 2, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As a dog lover I cuddle them and love them. I don’t mind cooking for them or cleaning them. I don’t mind fighting with other dog for their sake. Only thing I expect them from is their unconditional love and their honesty. I expect them to bite my dad and bro when they irritate me. That’s the challenging job. So far only my beloved Ancy was able to do that.

So far I have taken care of at least 10 to 15 pups. Unfortunately which all were spoilt by me?.I play with them, teach them to bite, get them inside house and feed them the snacks.  I do irritate them and make them run when they sleep. I force them to play with me when I am bored.

When I went home recently my new pup RUM was there sleeping in his usual place. Before entering the house I went near him and looked into eyes. He was shivering looking at the stranger. I freed him from his chain. As soon as he was freed he ran to his hiding place. I took 15minutes to find him. Darn theses pups. They take time to mingle. I got some toast and started feeding him but still he was scared of me. I forced him to walk with me. We walked for 15 minutes and half of the way I was literally dragging him with his chain. I freed him again thinking he will stay with me and will walk with me back but as soon as I freed him he escaped. All the way I cursed him.

After 2 hours again I made him to walk with me…. and same thing repeated. I was thinking how I will make him to trust me. After 2 hours I took him with his chain. This time I fed him toast in between on the way. He seems to be ok with that. We walked a bit and he was very happy to walk. I fed him more. Then I thought I should take my chances. I freed him from his chain was expecting him to run. To my wonder he stayed back. I felt good. Later together we walked back home. Rest of the evening he was there in my arms roaming everywhere. I played with him and fed him ice cream. I realized ice cream is his favorite.  My dad has strict rule the dog shouldn’t come inside the house. But I already spoiled RUM. He started sleeping in the hall.

Seeing RUM my dad got scared. I was there only for 3 days and already he was spoilt a bit. My dad asked my how many more days you gonna stay?  I said “why are you asking that question? He chuckled and said “you are spoiling RUM I don’t want him to become like you”. That moment I decided next time when I go home ill make sure that RUM sleeps in my dad’s bed at least for 15minutes

  1. lyuba says:

    Good one


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