Posted: November 2, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

“Ass on fire” is my common dialogue when I am busy with my work. Today happen to chat with Rakshith on gmail. I asked him “How are you man?” He replied” Ass on fire man”. I said too much work? So he said” Gosh!!Yesterday had some wired spicy biryani and today my ass is on fire, really”. I said ”pity you man”.

As it was a holiday yesterday I slept till 11.00am. When I sleep I keep my cell in silent mode because this psycho cell phone wakes me up before even I close my eyes. When I got up at 11.00 I saw 16 missed calls from Loly. I thought something happened and called her back. She answered her phone with a bang “What the heck were you doing hua?” My sleep was gone and I was full awake.” I said ”what happened babes?”. She said “I came to meet you but I didn’t know you pg. So I started calling you but as usual you didn’t receive. Tell me what on earth were you doing? Don’t bluff and say you were in the toilet because I can bet on my grave that even person suffering from diarrhea wont take 30minutes in toilet.” I yawned and said “sorry man, was sleeping……”.Rest of the sentence I don’t know who heard. Loly already had disconnected and Chick was looking at me with her sleepy eyes.

In the evening I and chick were taking rounds in the mall. At the end she said”Come man will have something I am darn thirsty”. When we reached the food court our full gang was there waiting with the cake and knife. Must say Chick is good actress. I was wondering whose bday we gonna celebrate. Then I saw the name B.SNL. Losers added B to SNL. I was overwhelmed seeing the surprise. It’s a tradition which we all friends follow. No matter how late it is we do celebrate everyone’s bday. So yesterday they celebrated my bday which was supposed to be in July. Whatever it is cake was awesome . I got Fast track sports watch as my bday gift. I was so happy was planning to wear it sleep as a kinder garden kid but didn’t wanted to spoil my image in front of Chick.

Today again back to office with same work. My bay mate who went on long leave so called Phone- mistress is back. Around 9.30 she started talking on the phone and the scenario still holds good. Simultaneously she is watching some serial which probably she missed out at home. With the head phones on she looks like a astronaut. Till yesterday the guy in neighbor bay was sneezing without excuse and today he started to whistle. I feel very soon he will start farting loudly without any excuse.Wonder what more wonders I have to see in my bay in this life time

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