Why Always I Get A Guys Role!!!!!!

Posted: November 4, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

With my soar back I cant even sit properly. Yesterday Chick applied tiger balm to my back . Back pain is little bit reduced but my tiger balm’s bottle is empty. She went on applying and massaging while I went on explain her something. It felt so good at that time. Jan she’s is getting married and I already know how I am gonna miss her. We do have good mutual understanding. Our taste and thoughts are almost similar. If I was a guy would have married her. Being a gal also I had some chances I guess. Fortunately both are straight so there are no chances. Anyways seeing us most of our classmates call us as hubby and wife. According to them with lovely skin, straightened hair, and little bit of makeup Chick is wife and me with bushy hair, damaged eyes and scary face is hubby. Damn those guys. I always get guys role!!!!

When cockroach come Chick screams, rat comes she runs and when grass hopper hops she calls out my name. I am sure her fiancé will not like if she continues calling my name after marriage. Boy I am darn good in my hubby’s duties. All thanks to my dad and aunt .When I was staying in my aunt’s house she used to pay me 10rs on killing one rat. I made lot of money there. At home I used to kill the rat for free with my dad. He is good hunter must say. He taught me some tactics.

I am sure Chicks fiancé won’t be surprise to see me in the night with my blanket and pillow in my pajamas banging their door to let me in. I don’t know how she feels about leaving me and staying. But I feel really sad. January is not far and I am already in November. I want to hold the time in my fist but it’s impossible. Let me make use of this time and live this moment who knows Kal Ho Naa Ho (Tomorrow May or May Not Be)

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