How i Hate Excercise

Posted: November 8, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

As I am a software engineer I get to see the blue sky and hot sun only in the morning and weekends. As I belong to female species I am darn good in cribbing about my work. Now don’t get me wrong all female species are not alike. As a unique person I am different than the usual.

Doctor says everybody have to exercise but my question is do I have to? I run in the morning to catch the bus. Evening again I run to catch the bus. Night again I run to kitchen from hall and vice versa. I cook and watch TV sometimes wash clothes simultaneously so I need to run every 2 minute.  If I exercise more may be I will die exercising. Saturdays or on any other holidays Chick me sleep till 11.00AM like lazy buffalos. Most of the time we skip the breakfast and directly have the lunch. This is the side effect of being independent. Even though Sunday is a holiday I can’t sleep for long as I have to go for mass. I may sound or look like devil but I rarely miss Sunday mass.

Other day when I was getting ready for mass Chick looked at me and said “Today you definitely gonna meet a dude”. I just smiled at her because I know what she is telling is not possible. I entered the church and sat on the middle row. As soon as I finished saying my prayer I saw this dude. I smiled at him and he smiled at me back. I was happy at least whatever Chick said was coming true. I winked at the dude and he smiled. After sometime to my disappointment he slept. He was wide awake after 10 minutes and was smiling at me. When she couldn’t concentrate on the mass Dudes mom turn back and gave me a look. Oh Boy! Is this required in middle of this romantic story? I closed my eyes for a while to my wonder Dude was sleeping in his dads arm when I opened my eyes. Damn!!!

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