Posted: November 8, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

To my wonder yesterday in my dreams the APPLE guy came. Whenever I see the half eaten apple I remember Steve Jobs and his hard work. Must say tough guy with firm determination. My GK is worse than the kinder garden kid. Few months back I came to the CEO of APPLE. As soon as my database got updated with new row APPLE guy passed away. I don’t know why but really felt sad. We lost a great guy.

People say whatever we think in day time will affect our sleep and we dream about same thing. I don’t know what this disease is called. I didn’t see APPLE guys pic yesterday or read anything about him but still he came in my dream. To my wonder we were discussing something and he looked like he is listening to me carefully. He was sipping his coffee and I was drinking…I forgot may not be coffee or tea because I don’t drink both. Must be orange flavor TANG because I love it. Even I don’t know what we were discussing.  May not be technology as I sleep when somebody talks about it. Whatever it is I am happy that at least he came in my dream.

I guess it’s a sign. I am gonna be a famous personality very soon. With huge villa and 5 dogs playing in the lawn while I sit in the portico and watch my brand new Range rover while my husband prepare orange flavor TANG in the Kitchen. Guess I started to day dream. Boy, dreams are really cool!!! Time to send my work status to my TL wonder what she has to say .

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