My Second RESUME

Posted: November 10, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

I was unaware of the fact that nowadays for each and everything they prepare resume. I had prepared resume only once. Yeah only once I prepared and that also for the job. My memory is still blur but I am sure I copied somebody else’s resume and change the data. And then bit extra fitting like margins or special characters here and there. Now time has come to prepare the second resume. Yeah resume for marriage!!! Sounds so freaky.

Time has changed people are darn busy to ask unnecessary questions. Resume saves lots of time and answers all questions. Starting from height … feet, weight, waist size blabla…. As I am darn lazy in all that I told chick to help me out. With no time resume was ready waiting for some male species to read its contents. I tapped her back and said “well done babes”. She looked at me for a while then spanked me and said “you will never change”. Then I just remembered a person who told me what I did when I was small. It was long back, when I was a small kid. I was there in a room with other kids. There were flies all over a kid. I looked at the kid and said “The flies are bothering him because he didn’t wash his bum properly”. When the person said me this I couldn’t believe myself.  Can I say that? It was really me? Off course it was me and yeah I can defiantly say that. When I told about this incident to Chick she said” I can never doubt that. I was expecting more than that. Wonder how your parents handled you”. I was amazed seeing her confidence. It’s true that I am not gonna change whether it’s for good or bad. Like other 100 of gals (including my mom) even she said “Just wanna see which guy gonna marry you. Just pity him babes”. I was shocked listening to her. I started doubting her “Is she my friend?!!!”

  1. Once done please do upload it on FB…. will sure make a good read 🙂


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