Did You Heard About HER?????

Posted: November 11, 2011 in POEM

I heard about the fallen Angel

Curious me, searching for her

Every Day and night

When she returns back to her home

I wanna go with her to her home

Where they fly and just fly

No need to worry about petrol prizes

How I want to go with her

I am tired really tired

 Paying water, food, electricity bill

Angel don’t eat but

Still they survive

Heaven is full of lights

No place for darkness

Clothes are basic need of human on earth

But Angel don’t wear anything in heaven

But still they look graceful

How I wanna be one of them..

For hours I slog

Day and night I stay awake

To make my Boss happy

I forget that my Boss

Lost his happiness ages ago

My hard work is gone in vain

Without a proper hike and Boss’s appreciation mail

I don’t wanna stay on earth

Where salary remains the same

But prices increases every month

I am exhausted fighting with people

To survive in this wicked earth

Have decided that I will find peace

I am still searching for the fallen angel

                                         Hope Google can help me to locate her

No matter what I wont rest until I find her

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