Posted: November 14, 2011 in My Silly thoughts

Weekend was very much exhausting. Saturday warmed my bed for the most of the time and on Sunday sari shopping for my mom and aunt. Chinna, PU, Loly and me started our journey around 12.00 after the mass.

Must say NAMMA METRO is really good. Yesterday first time I set my feet in metro.  It was a great feeling. Had seen all fancy trains in English movies but never got a chance to travel in those fancy trains. Yesterday my dream came true. Platform, station everything is really nice. In India nothing remains clean and beautiful for long. I wouldn’t be surprised if the brand new Metro become like Mumbai local train. You see Indians don’t know how to keep the bus, train, street clean. When we reached Chikpet we were excited. We started our hunt. We entered a shop and told him to show some sari. He went on dumping the saris in front of us and we went on commenting on them. When we were bugged up we entered the next shop. One old guy was attending us. He was talking more than me. I was pissed off and wanted to spank him. We saw some 30 to 40 no no 50 to 60 saris.Sari with small leaf pattern, Sari with Pineapple pattern  …I was tired seeing the sari and listening to the oldie. At last we selected 2 saris. Wonder why my mom and aunt can’t wear jeans and top. It’s very easy to shop jeans and top but sari shopping is exhausting.. We entered the next shop in search of more saris. We came out as we entered and entered the next shop. This scenario continued for a while.When we lost our strength  we had some cucumber which they were selling on road side. Again we started our hunt. At last by god’s grace Chinna and PU were able to find some sari for their relatives. We had our lunch at 5.00 in the evening in some crowded restaurant. Then Loly and Pu started singing the song ”Wanna Pee, Its urgent”. Time to hunt for toilets. We crossed so many streets and walked so many roads but we couldn’t spot a toilet. Guess my darling St. Michal felt sad seeing my struggle so he decided to help us. As a result China was able to find the toilet.  When all were back to normal we continued our journey. It was 6 when I got into a rick Shaw and told the driver about my pg address.

After having my dinner I was lying on my bed and was TV when I heard this sound “BOOM”. Thought kids are burning crackers. Soon after that I heard some lady shouting “Are you mad!!! Can’t you recycle the paper? Have pity on environment…..” I opened the door to see the lady with good virtues. As the next plot is empty one guy was burning papers and plastics there. And lady who stays next to that plot was giving lecture. While other ladies were peeping from their window and were passing the comments. The guy said sorry to the lady but she went on and on with her speech.  I was suspicious about the guy because while he was saying sorry one gal was waiting for him near the road. Wonder what he was burning at 9.00 in somebody else’s plot. Photographs???  Love letter?….? Curious case of strange guy!!!

First time I was watching a heated up argument in the city that too live. I watched for a while then closed my door and continue watching the TV. City people are so unpredictable when they burn papers they think it’s harmful for environment but when they burn crackers it’s Deewali, such a weird logic.  I guess next time the guy will think twice before even lighting the cigarette.

  1. Neat narration 🙂

    Good, atleast one lady is aware of the danger caused by burning papers..! next time you too join her


    • sylvia says:

      hahah Bro.She might be the HR lady. You know how these HR poeple lecture right!!! I will just listn to her. You see all cnt lecture and lecture without listner will discourage the lecturer:)


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